I love creating unusual framing and angles and always "hunt" for fun and meaningful moments.

I`m looking to create images that are full of life, that capture and convey the feeling of the moment, even if sometimes i "direct" a little, in terms of choosing the location, background, couple position or lighting method. 

I like abstract compositions, stylish details, and generally minimalist stuff. 


On your wedding day, the most valuable resources for me are yourself and your loved one, as relaxed and stress-free as possible, and of course enough time to work my magic. But do not worry, I`m sure that together we`ll work out a timeline that will ensure wonderful results!



I like to get to know the couples I photograph as closely as possible.

The more I know you, the better I`ll be able to tell your story.


So, I want to get to know YOU, to learn what you dream of, to understand how you and your loved ones want to be captured in my photographs.

I invite YOU to experience photography with me. You will rediscover yourself, more beautiful than you ever did.

So, get in touch, and schedule a visit to my studio or a video call 

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