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Crafting Timeless Portraits: A Fine-Art Studio Portraiture Masterclass in Peterborough, UK (second edition)

Updated: Jun 3

Embark on a journey through Claudiu's artistic vision as he shares his thought process and techniques behind creating artwork that is currently present in galleries, private collections and museums all over the world.

During this two-day in-class workshop, you'll have the chance to learn from Claudiu firsthand, as he shares his approach to creating beautiful fine art portraiture. No holding back.

On the first day, Claudiu will unveil his thought process, lighting techniques, composition and posing strategies.

He will delve into pivotal facets of crafting an evocative and intense composition, capturing portraits of astounding beauty that mirror the emotive essence and visual allure of a masterful painting.

The following day will commence with a hands-on studio photoshoot using models, in order to apply the knowledge acquired on the first day in a practical setting.

In the latter part of the day, Claudiu will guide you through his complete editing process, starting from the straight-out-of-camera (SOOC) file to the ultimate refined image.

He will cover various tools and software options, spanning from uncomplicated tweaks to more intricate methodologies, all aimed at achieving that captivating painterly outcome.

You'll gain insights into post-processing methods that elevate your images, metamorphosing them into captivating fine-art portraits.

Plus, you'll have the opportunity to engage in real-time interaction with Claudiu as you pose questions and receive feedback.

This interactive dimension of the class ensures that your queries find immediate resolution.

Day 1

Painting with Light:

Crafting Fine Art Portraits In-Camera

Concept, Styling, Posing, Lighting, Shooting


Sat, October 19th 2024, 10.00 - 18.00 UK

Day 1 structure:

  • Evolution of style in portraiture and understanding the fine-art aesthetic

  • Translating the painterly aesthetic to the means of expression of digital photography

  • In-camera shadow control.

  • Lighting patterns in portraiture

  • Creating layers of contrast in camera

  • Using color and color interactions to enhance your images

  • Composition in studio portraiture - going beyond the rule of thirds

  • Styling, posing and expression. Using props, backdrops, and wardrobe to enhance the artistic quality of your portraits

  • Q&A

During the first day Claudiu will also demonstrate his signature studio lighting set-ups.

Participants will receive the lighting diagrams for further reference/individual practice.

Day 2

Hands-on Studio Photoshoot

+ Digital Alchemy:

Transforming Studio Portraits into Masterpieces through Advanced Creative Editing

Sun, October 20th 2024, 10.00 - 18.00 UK

Day 2 structure:

The second day will begin with a practical studio photoshoot using models, allowing participants to put into practice the knowledge gained on the first day.

In the later part of the day, Claudiu will lead you through his entire editing process, starting from the straight-out-of-camera (SOOC) file and culminating in the refinement of the final image:

  • Camera settings and lighting overview

  • Image selection

  • Lightroom basic adjustments

  • Composition considerations. Minimizing distractions.

  • Global and local adjustments of luminosity and color

  • Skin retouching techniques

  • Enhancing the image using textures and compositing in elements

  • Enhancing the image using Photoshop AI

  • Contrast adjustment via luminosity masks

  • Final touches and exporting the finished file for web or print

  • Q&A, homework

Attendees will also be provided with:

  • the finished photoshop file(s) with layers

  • Claudiu`s signature actions and presets

  • a homework assignment.

  • a 2 hours follow-up session (via zoom) at a later date, in which Claudiu will analyze and critique the homework assignment images.

  • access to a editing workflow recording for further reference/individual practice.

The Masterclass requires a total investment of 600 GBP, with 50% due upon enrollment and the remaining 50% to be settled no later than October 1st.


About Claudiu Guraliuc

Claudiu Guraliuc is a fine art photographer an educator, specializing in fine art portraiture and nudes.

He is a Master Photographer, holding the Associate distinction with The Master Photographers Association in the UK, and the distinction of Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain

He`s been awarded numerous international accolades, in October 2020 receiving the Fine Art Photographer of the Year award, at the Master Photography Awards Gala in the UK, with an image part of his painterly, baroque-inspired series.

In January 2022, he received the International Master Photographer of the Year 2021 award, one of the top accolades in the industry. He was also presented with the Portrait and Fine Art Photographer of the Year awards, at the 38th Annual Master Photographers International Awards in the UK.

In 2023 he becomes the first Romanian photographer to win a FEP Camera Award, receiving the European Bronze Camera in Fine Art from the Federation of European Professional Photographers

He`s had his work published by some of the largest circulation photography magazines and has artwork present in galleries, private collections and museums in Europe, Asia and United States.

Represented by the Katsea Art Gallery in Baltimore, MD, USA and Influx Gallery, Notting Hill, UK.

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