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Fine Art Photographer of the Year - Master Photography Awards 2020

Last night (18th of October 2020), at the Master Photography Awards in the UK I won the Fine Art Photographer of the Year award with an image part of my painterly, baroque-inspired series (I am posting a short clip from last night...please forgive my emotional self)

This is the greatest honor I have been awarded in my photographic career so far. There`s a lot of people who supported me along the way, family, friends, my models for the baroque project (Cristian and Ecaterina), clients, partners, fellow photographers. You all know who you are. Thank you.

I have been entering the Master Photography Awards for three years now.

In terms of the massively high standard of the work submitted, prestige, organization, atmosphere, I truly feel it is one of the most relevant international photography competitions in the world. A big thumbs up goes to everyone who was involved in last evening`s award ceremony. You all did an awesome job considering the difficult circumstances, this being the first time the awards ceremony took place online.

This is how Master Photography Awards looked for me this year:

  • 7 Merit Awards (out of 7 images entered in competition)

  • 3 finalist images - in Fine Art and Classical Portrait

  • Winner in Fine Art. To my right, the winning image.

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