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Costa degli Dei. Afterwedding adventure in Tropea, Southern Italy

Apart from many, sometimes boring, office tasks (yes i have quite a bit of those) the nature of my job has two very pleasant requirements: traveling and taking pictures :) Its the kind of job that takes me places!

This time i got to visit sunny (well, mostly sunny) Calabria (/kaˈlabrja/, Calàbbria in the local dialect) and to photograph Ioana and Madalin, whose wedding i had the pleasure to shoot the week before.

Having rented a car we had the luxury to photograph not only in Tropea, where we were based, so we explored the surroundings a bit and ended the day at the awesome beach in Capo Vaticano.

There are many things that come to mind when writing these lines, but one conclusion stands out: OK, the roads arent the best in the world (actually i dont think ive seen much worst), the places and buildings, at least what we`ve seen, are not luxurious and sometimes lack the proper maintenance, BUT: this part of Italy looks and feels authentic. The people, the street, the food, the scenery. THIS is how i`ve always imagined a true Italian experience! Just hope these images do it justice :)