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Liana, Vlad & Mark - Mommy and daddy got hitched

I always find it very hard to write these blog posts. I do have great memories to share from every wedding day i photograph, but when i see myself in front of the computer screen, words dont come easy (yeah, just like the song)

So i found this little poem online, told from the perspective of a toddler who`s parents get married. It goes like this:

"Mummy looks real pretty, Daddy’s not too bad Someone here is crying but doesn’t look real sad Lots of people laughing, sometimes very loud Then it goes all quiet, no talking in the crowd Daddy holds Mum closely, putting on a ring. Mummy takes another ring and puts it on his finger Says some words and then we hear a singer Someone says a poem, lots of people clap Waking up the funny man who’s taking a quick nap.

Now we are all standing, watching them both kiss They look so very happy, think they call it bliss!"

By the way, really really loved to spend a day with this young, beautiful family.