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Mihaela & Serban - Wedding day

For a while now, i`ve been hearing social media rants regarding the portfolio structure of - they say - "most" wedding photographers. The main complaint being that images taken at the bridal/couple/afterwedding session are promoted over "moments" and candid shots.

To be honest i do not feel that i fit the description, more than 90% of the images included in every wedding day story i post here, ARE "candids".

There is of course the "Personal favorites" section of the website, but those are exactly what the title says: my personal favorites.

Anyway, here you are: today`s post consists (with the exception of i think a couple of "group images" and detail shots) of ONLY stolen moments, unposed, candid moments. No session, no posing, no directing.

The day, as we saw it.